Howdy and Happy Autumn!

Which One?

Going to see one of these three lovely ladies next Saturday night!!!!


Greetings from sunny Florida!

I don’t even remotely remember how to use this site, but am hopeful this will go through. Just thinking of you all and wanted to send my love and best wishes for a happy holiday season. Warm regards always.
Steve ” Winnie at Bay” Krauss

Hey all! Boy, we haven't used this site in a long time! Hope all are well!

Birthday wishes and memories

Happy Birthday to two of the original 4 bodacious Estate ladies. April brings such astounding, breathtaking gifts each year, but none more special than the two of you. I send love and wishes of joy and laughter to you, beautiful Lannyl, and bask in memories of Becca’s throaty, sensuous laugh, blinding smile and [...]

Shock and Awe

I am in shock and awe over the speed and thoughtfulness which David P. Hime used to get this site pulled together. I have been writing a blog for for 10 months now, and I still struggle to get a new photo onto my banner. Did y’all notice how the banner photo cleverly changes every time you come [...]

Could You Unpack That Box for Me?

Thanks to everyone for coming by and lending a hand as we get settled in. Grab a cold one and a box and get to unpacking. Or get out your guitar and serenade the rest of us. Don’t just stand there smoking.

Great to see you Anna Gangai, Elisa, Lannyl, Ed Roland, Gretchen, Margaret, Krauss, Randy [...]

Love and thanks.

I can’t tell you all what a joy to behold this page/memorial is for me this day.  The timing is excellent – aren’t we just around the memorial date from last year?  I’ll post some recipes soon – been a busy day for me thus far.  Perhaps from work tonight if its not too busy.  [...]

Category Added for Recipes

I’ve now added a specific category for when you add a recipe. If you’re creating a new post you’ll see it in the Categories menu on the right of the screen. Check that box (and any others that you think are appropriate for your post–add a new category if you need to; the ability to [...]

Working Through Registration Process

UPDATE: I’ve now been able to make the default role here one that allows anyone who registers to also post. We may run into trouble there since I’m not currently vetting the registrations–so literally anyone could register and then automatically have the power to fuck the site over. I’d like to hear opinions on this; [...]

The Door is Always Open

Hey guys this is the initial site so that everyone can start posting. We’ll make it look more like home — maybe paint the lyrics to “Mame” (or was it “Hello Dolly?”) up on the dining room wall — as we go, but for now here’s what you should do:

Register yourself so you can post. [...]