The Door is Always Open

Hey guys this is the initial site so that everyone can start posting. We’ll make it look more like home — maybe paint the lyrics to “Mame” (or was it “Hello Dolly?”) up on the dining room wall — as we go, but for now here’s what you should do:

Register yourself so you can post. I’m not sure if registration will be instant or if I’ll need to approve each one, but we’ll work that out too. If you want to post something once you’re registered you should be able to access the Dashboard from your login, which will allow you to make posts. Feel free to play around, make mistakes, just generally get your feet wet and we’ll all figure this out as we go.

Love, David P

4 comments to The Door is Always Open

  • I’m registered! It was “Mame”! We should get a page for photos and a page for recipes.

  • Steve

    Me too! How in the world did Gretchen have the time to create that enormous page of photos and information?

  • prandallr

    What the heck is Krauss talking about? I’m LOVING this. Thank you, David P.

  • elisa

    Wow Gretchen- your second blooming stuff that steve was talking about is awesome. Is that your blog that you attached to your name or something. I love the title and am going to put it up on my wall because it is a great quote for me right now:)

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