Shock and Awe

I am in shock and awe over the speed and thoughtfulness which David P. Hime used to get this site pulled together. I have been writing a blog for for 10 months now, and I still struggle to get a new photo onto my banner. Did y’all notice how the banner photo cleverly changes every time you come back? And how he cropped each image to fit the banner size.  And how he artfully cropped out my ex-husband from that shot of me? You are GOOD David P. Hime. But then…I guess that’s why you’re the professional. Thank you also, for providing a link to my blog. Very gentlemanly of you.

Have you all figured out how to add your own post? You just hit the little “New Post” button on the upper right, and go to town. You can even add pictures and video and music if you so choose.  Just click on the little icons next to Upload/Insert above the little space where you compose your post.  

San Gabriel Girls Shampooing in the Lake

Oh looky, I’ve added a picture.

I have added this site to my Google Reader, which is a clever and handy little device that holds all the blogs I regularly read. But since most of you probably don’t read as many blogs as I do, we need to figure out a way to follow this blog so that we know when a new post has been added. David? Is there some kind of “Follow” widget?

Alright, I’m going to go get a recipe and add that too. Everybody feel free to add a post! Or a comment!

Love you all,


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  • David P

    Hey Gretch… I love WordPress and making sites in WordPress; this one has been the fastest and easiest I’ve ever done, mostly because I feel like I know the audience and the content intimately :)

    To get an RSS feed of all posts just click on the Posts link in the upper right corner of any page.

    By the way, the “New Post” button Gretchen mentions will appear when you are logged into your account here.

    David P.

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