Working Through Registration Process

UPDATE: I’ve now been able to make the default role here one that allows anyone who registers to also post. We may run into trouble there since I’m not currently vetting the registrations–so literally anyone could register and then automatically have the power to fuck the site over. I’d like to hear opinions on this; I may want to change it so that anyone can register and automatically become an author, but their registration will not activate without my approval. What do you think?

Okay, so it looks like once you register I will need to authorize you to create and publish posts. If I can figure out a way to make that the default new registrant setting, I may do that. Until then, I’ll need to check on the registrations from time to time and authorize everyone–so if you register and are not seeing the ability to add posts in your dashboard drop me a line (or post a comment on this post) to nudge me to upgrade your account.

3 comments to Working Through Registration Process

  • wgrayson

    Hmmmmm. How hard or efficient would it be to just password protect the home page? Password could be distributed on our ongoing FB email thread or one of the groups already set up.


  • David P

    I could have password-protected the whole thing if that’s what I knew I needed to do from the get-go but unfortunately can’t at this point because that would now require moving the whole thing into another directory and with the database and all, it’s a bit of a pain to do that. Good idea; let’s keep thinking.

  • David P

    Here’s the latest on this. For now, everyone who registers automatically becomes an Author. I’ll check the list of users every few days and if there’s someone I don’t recognize in some way — like current registrant and like Krauss before he added his name to his profile info — I’ll downgrade them to only being able to view posts until they update their profile to indicate who they are.

    Of course if a troublemaker shows up and starts posting prior to my being able to review the most recent registrants I’ll simply get rid of him/his posts as soon as I’m aware of the situation.

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